Sharing with you some memories of unforgettable moments
Fascinating Live Concert with Upbeat Songs in Dubai by Kendji

The audience spent a wonderful live concert in the atmosphere of youthful dancing and singing

Which occurred as soon as Kendji came to the Coca-Cola Arena,

Kendji Girac in School Concert at Lycée Français International in Dubai

“Kendji Girac” The winner of Season 3 of the music competition The Voice

“la plus belle voix” lighted up the stage of Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou in Dubai


90s Stars in a Joint Concert at Dubai Opera Stage

Marty Cintron from “No Mercy” and Jenny Berggren from “Ace of Base” fulfilled their promise to the audience about their concert when they said “it’s gonna be a magical night

It’s certain that the meeting of the giants of 90 stars will result in a brilliant concert


Safar Band in their First Live Concert at Dubai Opera 2021

Safar band interacted on the Dubai Opera stage with an audience loyal to contemporary Syrian Music.

From the moment the band entered, the audience welcomed them with unparalleled enthusiasm


Lena Chammamyan in world Trade Center 2021

Lena Chamamyan took her audience on a varied musical journey, reflecting the folkloric, Damascene, Armenian, and international tunes.

Lena touched the various world civilizations in her unique style and pure voice.


Hamza Namira in Coca Cola Arena 2021

Hamza Namira amazed the audience that adored his performance, as he sang passionately and interacted with his audience warmly.

the atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy seemed throughout his first concert in Dubai.

ragheb alameh 2021 concert dubai

Ragheb Alameh in Dubai Opera 2021

Two concerts in Dubai Opera on 15 & 16 July 2021 attended by eager fans who were longing for the magical vibes Ragheb Alama spreads through his live concerts.

Ragheb performed many of his old and new songs during the concert offering his audience a night to remember.


Faia Younan in Dubai Opera 2021

Faia Younan amazed the audience with her brilliant performance and charmed everyone with her captivating presence.

Faia Younn’s concert at Dubai Opera 2021 was the central concern of most news and media channels that hurried to share the news with their fans

Arabian Entertainment House Iyad Concert in dubai

“Love Letters from Damascus” by Iyad Rimawi

Two musical concerts by the genius music composer Iyad Rimawi held at Dubai Opera on 11-12 February 2021.

Iyad Rimawi, the brilliant composer, who created the music and lyrics of many theme songs for Syrian and Arabic T.V series, joined his fans in magical concerts and played the songs that have always thrilled and delighted his audience all over the Arab world. 


Enrico Macias in Dubai Sofitel Obelisk Hotel

It was a night to remember with the great Enrico Macias at Dubai Sofitel Obelisk Hotel.

Enrico Macias made the event special with his awe-inspiring music and songs that have a unique blend of different languages and musical elements, combining classical and modern melodies.

Arabian Entertainment House Enrico Concert
Enrico Macias and AL ORCHESTRA

A musical evening with the legendary Enrico Macias was held at Dubai Opera on 21 & 22 January 2021.

Enrico Macias performed live for the first time at the stage of Dubai Opera, where he took his fans on a journey through his successful career that dates back to over 50 years. Every song at that concert had its sense of place and time.