Two marvellous concerts at Dubai opera by Ragheb Alama in 2021

ragheb alamah soon in dubai

Ragheb Alama

Dubai Opera

15 & 16 July 2021

As part of returning to normal life. Ragheb Alama held two concerts at Dubai Opera with an eager audience longing for the positive vibes that the superstar spreads in his live concerts. During the two concerts, Ragheb Alama presented a selection of his most famous songs during his long singing career, which has won the audience's approval for three decades until this time like Ya Rait, Aan Jad, Albi Asheqha, Elli Baana, and many more. Ragheb interacted with his fans, they sang, danced, and expressed mutual love.

Ragheb Alama is one of the few singers who made it to the top of musical brilliance in the Arab world and built a huge fan base. Throughout his long successful journey, Ragheb released more than 18 albums and hundreds of songs. Ragheb Alama is known for his melodic music style that translated into his vastly popular videos and sold-out performances, winning him endorsements and awards including two Murex d’Or, which is one of the most important Arab musical awards, and an utmost loyal fan base. The prolific star has travelled the globe performing to millions of people, Arabs as well as non-Arabic speakers. Ragheb was also given the title of “the UN Goodwill Ambassador” in 2013 due to his adoption of great environmental causes. He is also a leading member of the judging juries to the most popular Arab musical talent shows.

All the songs of Ragheb Alama were top ranked upon release and people still sing, dance, and listen to his oldest songs like: “Ya Rait”, “Aan Jad”, “Albi Asheqha” and “Elli Baana”, until today. During the pandemic, Ragheb has released one of his latest songs, which was dedicated to all the frontlines that put their lives on the line for us, and is currently preparing for an additional one, which will be released soon.