Mario Bassil & Chadi Maroun’s Hysterical Stand-Up Comedy Show in Dubai

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Mario Bassil’s stand-up comedy show in Dubai garnered a lot of attention on social media and news websites. The following links will take you to articles about Mario Bassil’s 2022 show at the Theatre Mall of the Emirates.

Mario Bassil

Theatre Mall of the Emirates

27 March 2022

Mario Bassil is a Lebanese comic actor, TV presenter, producer, director, and stand-up comedian. After graduating from college, Mario worked as a creative producer and assistant director in advertising for major companies. He has produced and acted in multiple theatre and Hollywood productions and is best known for his controversial character “Marioca” and his daring work in “Comedy Night”. Mario’s shows are a perfect blend of social critique, political satire, and pure comedy. His distinct style and unique personality are further enhanced by the presence of his friend and colleague, the brilliant Chadi Maroun. Mario’s long and successful career has garnered him many awards and achievements including a Murex d’Or award for “Best Comic Actor” in 2009. It’s safe to say that his incredible performance in the Theatre Mall of the Emirates is just one of many on a long list of his achievements.