“Love Letters from Damascus” by Iyad Rimawi

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Iyad Rimawi

Dubai Opera

11 & 12 Feruary 2021

After his sold-out concert in Dubai 2018, The Syrian music composer Iyad Rimawi came back to UAE in the second edition of "Love Letters from Damascus" which was held in two fully booked concerts on 11-12 February 2021. Iyad was very eager to meet his fans as much as they were eager to meet him. All this excitement about the long-awaited concert was translated into an outstanding performance, feeding the audience souls with pure, perfect music. The brilliant composer prepared a very compelling program for this concert, including his most popular songs that managed to stir the emotions of Arab people for over a decade. This concert was attended and anticipated by many Arab artists and celebrities, who wanted to support Iyad, express their fondness and appreciation of his work, and enjoy the unique impressive music. More on, we would like to thank the Syrian actor Bassem Yakhour for sharing a video on social media platforms, in which he supported Iyad Rimawi and emphasized his excitement about the concert.

Aiming to put on a great show, Iyad gathered a professional orchestra and collaborated with international musicians from USA, UK, France, Russia, Italy, and Serbia, in addition to the Syrian musicians who came all the way to Dubai despite the traveling difficulties to play in this concert. “Love Letters from Damascus” was organized perfectly, as we successfully held a spectacular concert during the challenging period of the COVID-19 outbreak by following the social distancing guidelines issued by Dubai Health Authority and sanitizing the concert venue. As a result, we took our audience into a fascinating musical journey along with completely maintaining their safety and protection. From their side, Iyad and his orchestra were totally ready to put on a marvelous show, they managed to deliver different warm emotions in every song, touching the heart of every attendant in the concert thanks to the variable cultural themes found in Iyad's songs. Delightfully, the audience sang the lyrics of Iyad’s songs, taking their part as an unexpected joyful choir. The artist Iyad Rimawi took some time to address his fans and speak to them, creating a very interactive atmosphere that will always be remembered.