The long-awaited First Concert in Dubai by Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira in Dubai

Hamza Namira

Coca-Cola Arena

2 September 2021

Hamza Namira amazed the audience that adored his performance, as he sang passionately and interacted with his audience warmly, and the atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy seemed throughout his first concert in Dubai. Hamza conveyed his noble artistic message through his pure voice to the whole world. He performed a group of his songs that topped the trend with millions of views on his YouTube channel, such as the song “Dari Ya Alby”, “Fady Shewaya” and various songs from his albums “Dream with Me”, “Insan”, “Hateer Min Tany”, “Mawlood Sanat 80”. The musical styles that Hamza performed in his concert varied, He sang special songs from different cultures which brought happiness to all attendees as there were people from different Arabic Countries. We were proud to be a successful part of the audience's joy in this great event.