Brilliant Comeback with a Memorable Concert by Faia Younan

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Faia Younan's concert at Dubai Opera 2021 was one of the central concerns of most news and media channels that hurried to share the news with their fans. Below is a list of the main media and news channels that covered the details of Faia Younan's concert at Dubai Opera 2021.

faia younan in dubai

Faia Younan

Dubai Opera

8 July 2021

After the remarkable success in the special last concert in 2020, Faia promised the fans to meet them again at Dubai Opera stage in a special concert. Once the concert was announced, tickets were sold quickly. The audience was eager to soothe their souls with her sweet voice. She performed “Baynatna Fi Bahr” “Fi al Tariki Ilaik” and some amazing songs from her albums in addition to famous covers that always cheer up the fans. Faia interacted with her audience humbly. They Exchanged words of pure love in the truest sense. We were glad to be part of one of the audience's special moments and to be part of their love story, as one of the audience’s proposed to his lady during the event and she said yes.

Faia Younan was born in Syria in 1992 and grew up in Aleppo then she settled with her family in Sweden. Faia Younan has a unique sound that attracts everyone. She cooperates with a dedicated team to combine original music with modern tunes in special masterpieces. She is the first middle eastern female singer to enter Guinness World Records for crowdfunding her debut song “Ohebbou Yadayka”

Her singing talent and passion for music started from her childhood. Her Master's degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Glasgow didn’t prevent her from developing her talent in singing and delivering its exclusive artistic message to millions of people around the world.