Amazing Concert at Dubai Opera by the Beloved Syrian Band Safar

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Safar's first concert at Dubai Opera 2021 was an event that deserved the attention of most of the media and news channels that rushed to cover the success of this concert. The following is a list of the media channels that reported the details of the Safar band's concert at Dubai Opera 2021.

Safar in Concert at Dubai Opera 2021

Safar Band

Dubai Opera

10 September 2021

Safar band performed its youth songs and revived the artistic heritage in its unique and contemporary style, which created huge positive vibes on the stage that transmitted to the audience and translated into interaction, singing and dancing, all that is due to the harmony between the band members and their passion for delivering a valuable song that carries a message and spreads joy in the hearts of people. They sang “Yaweel Weely” from their second album “Experience Number Two, which exceeded seven million views on their YouTube channel in less than a month, in addition to perform songs like “Ya Muashaha", "Henna", " Rajeen", "Rooh", " Ya Leil" and the song " Mnzo Al Azal" from the album "Experience Number One". The fantastic gift for the fans was the launch of Safar band 4 new songs, performed for the first time exclusively on the Dubai Opera stage. The songs were “Tafa El Helou”, “ma Andi Adna ٍShak”, “fi 30 Youm” and “Tareq Al- Sham”.