90s Stars Together in Dubai at an Epic Live Concert by Marty Cintron & Jenny Berggren

News & Media

Marty and Jenny's concert in Dubai Opera was the talk of the media and news channels that reported the news of their joint concert extensively. Their concert attracted not only their Passionate audience about '90s art, but also a list of media channels that spreaded the news of their epic live concert as follows:

90s concert

Ace of Base & No Mercy

Dubai Opera

10 September 2021

No matter how many times you've attended No Mercy or Ace of Base concert. Nothing will ever compare to the splendour of attending the 90s Stars together at Dubai Opera stage. It was an uplifting experience that left the audience in a state of nostalgia for the memories of the nineties, so Marty and Jenny made sure to present a carefully selection of their distinguished songs that their fans sang with them at the top of their voices. Marty Cintron performed the best songs of his career like “Missing”, “No Mercy”, “Where Do You Go”, “When I Die”, and many more songs that were top ranked all over the globe.