Top April Events & Activities To Look Out for in Dubai 2022

Dubai is a mixing pot of cultures which makes it one of the most eventful and exciting places in the world. There’s always an event, show, festival, or concert going on in Dubai and it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. AprilMarchks the end of winter and a spike in tourism for Dubai. Dubai’s sunny skies and summery temperatures make Aprilthe perfect month for event planners and eventgoers alike.

Events aren’t the only thing that makes April an amazing month to visit Dubai. Spring in Dubai offers the perfect pool weather, and an incredible Ramadan 2022 experience as seasonal attractions are open for business and tourists can enjoy price cuts all around.

Top April Events in Dubai

With thousands of events going on, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to identify the best and most worthy of your time. We’ve put together a handy guide containing the top events in Dubai so you can plan your trip to the UAE as easily as possible.


Dubai Cup 2022 (4 April– 9 April)

And Al Sheba Sports Tournament (2 April– 17 April)

The Hub Food Festival (17 March – 1 April)

Whitney – The Ultimate Tribute To A Legend (1 April– 2 April)

The Beach Swim Race 2 (2 April)

Destination Cosmos: The Ultimate Challenge (11 February – 2 April)

Spinneys Family Run (3 April)

Exhibition: Iwan Maktabi’s UnMasked 2.0 (24 March – 4 April)

Run The Track (9 April)

Run at Meydan Tracks 3 (9 April)

Spinneys Family Run 10 (10 April)

Mina Cup 2022 (8 April – 13 April)

Exhibition: Breaking Boundaries (24 March – 14 April)

Exhibition: Swallow This! Arab Women and Body Politics (8 March – 15 April)

The Laughter Factory: Jason Manford (15 April)

Return to Racing Ramadan Edition (15 April)

Ramadan Photo Walk: Karama Suhoor Stroll (2 April – 16 April)

Exhibition: The Guernica Project (24 March – 16 April)

Spartan Nas Night Sprint and Hurricane Heat Weekend (16 April – 17 April)

Super Sports Night Run Series: April 2022 (19 April)

Krazy Kitchen at The Theatre (2 April – 23 April)

Desert Palm X-Country Run: Race 3 (24 April)

Super Sports Night Run (26 April)

Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse at Infinity des Lumières (13 January – 30 April)

Exhibition: Earth Chronicles (24 March – 30 April)


Ramadan at Mercato Mall (2 April – 1 May)

Dubai Opera Iftar (3 April – 1 May)

Ramadan at Time Out Market (2 April – 2 May)

Iftar at Al Majlis (2 April – 2 May)

Iftar at Bab Al Shams (2 April – 2 May)

Iftar at Asateer Tent (2 April – 2 May)

Iftar at Dubai World Trade Centre (2 April – 2 May)

Al Seef Ramadan Art Nights and Market (2 April – 2 May)

Exhibition: Color Garden by Hamra Abbas (8 March – 7 May)

Exhibition: JAFR: The Alchemy of Signs (24 March – 7 May)

Global Village (15 November – 7 May)

Artist’s Rooms: Samson Young (15 November – 7 May)

Ramadan at Dubai Festival City Mall (2 April – 8 May)

Exhibition: Voyage d’hiver (28 March – 28 May)

Ripe at Night (2 April – 29 May)

Exhibition: Order of Magnitude (24 March – 30 June)

Library Circles: Salma Serry (2 February – 1 August)

Exhibition: Taus Makhacheva: A Space of Celebration (23 February – 14 August)

Exhibition: Desert is a Forest (15 November – 4 September)

Exhibition: Fahd Burki: Daydreams (5 March – 9 September)

Exhibition: Night Conveys the Light, Every Day & Every Night 7 March – (15 September)

Dubai Sports World (1 April – 21 September)

Store of the Future (23 December – 31 December)

Zeman Awwal at Mall of the Emirates (1 January – 31 December)

Best April 2022 Activities in Dubai


1- Global Village

Visiting Global Village is a perfect way to experience cultures and cuisine from around the world. The event offers thrilling stunt shows, authentic cultural experiences, Disney-style theme park rides, and so much more! Global Village is one of the most iconic attractions in Dubai and an essential experience for any tourist visiting Dubai in April.

2- Palm Fountain Show

Palm Fountain is the largest fountain in the world and a breathtaking attraction that everyone should experience. The Palm Fountain show takes place on Palm Island and features a performance unlike anything you’ve seen before. The show syncs an aquatic performance with dazzling lights and music to provide tourists with a truly magical experience.

Dubai Night


3- Dubai Polo Cup 2022

Polo lovers are going to have a blast watching the fifth and final championship in the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series. This sporting event attracts the world’s top polo players and teams to Dubai for a thrilling sports competition. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of competition on a beautiful day out at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

4- Dubai Opera Iftar

Your Ramadan holiday in Dubai won’t be complete without experiencing the city’s greatest Iftar at Dubai Opera. There’s nothing more inspiring than this event’s classy Iftar feast, which allows guests to enjoy local and international cuisine in a special and exclusive setting. Dubai’s 2022 Ramadan events are a dime a dozen, but the Dubai Opera Iftar is a must-experience for Ramadan enjoyers.

5- Super Sports Night Run Series

Enjoy the fresh summer air and dazzling night lights of Dubai at the Super Sports Night Run Series. Run on the iconic Meydan Royal Bridge through Sheikh Zayed Road and Business Bay with Burj Khalifa as the centerpiece tying the experience together. This event is unmissable for anyone looking to experience an unforgettable night run in Dubai.

6- Desert Safari

This thrilling adventure is another favorite for tourists and is sure to become one of your highlights during your trip to Dubai in 2022. This incredible safari will take you on a serene journey through an ocean of sand dunes under a sky full of stars. Almost nothing beats the thrill of riding a 4X4 over the high and low dunes of the dessert except for the incredible traditional entertainment and food options.

7- Dhow Cruise

Dubai’s skyline is one of the world’s best and most awe-inspiring sights. The Dhow Cruise takes guests on a magical journey along Dubai’s greatest attractions, allowing them to admire the beauty of Dubai’s skyline. The cruise also features a tasty buffet and traditional shows, which turn the experience from magical to truly unforgettable.